Thursday, November 11, 2010


My name is Siew Lin and is a work at home Mom. I called myself as Xinlin Vemma. I started this business at home while also acting as a mom of my three lovely kids; 2 boys and a girl. And of course as a wife of my love one; my husband.

I joined Vemma on 1st July 2010. After joined Vemma for several months. No matter how I work on it. I'm struggling because I am not achieve to the desired result I want. And because of general reasons., I have thought of giving up.

Luckily I have a group of Vemma Team Alpha leaders to support me. Especially Moon, Dr. Ket and Ding Neng, and they never give up on me. It is because of their continuously encouragement and support to methat
I am buildingmy business here today.

At last, my efforts paid off. About 3 months later. I recruit a new member, Jeffrey Hairston from US. I introduced the Vemma Nutrition Product to him. After he use our Vemma product. He got a excellent result from it.

The below message is from Jeffrey Hairston.

Vemma Product Of Testimonial -Jeffrey Hairston

First of all, VemmaTeamAlpha is The Best Family on The Planet. I am so glad that I was om Facebook and met Siew Lin. She introduced me to a product that  has change my life. I was tired all the time, over weight because I was to tired to exercise. And therefore I hated getting up in the morning.. Vemma gave me a 2 oz bottle of Vemma PM, Wow! I got up early the next morning, everyone thought something was wrong with me just refreshed. Thats all,,also the Vemma Nutri drink caused me to lose weight and now everyday I have started to exercise again. Wow! Vemma saved my life, I am Vemma for life. Thanks Siew Lin my Asian Hero.
This message written by:    Jeffrey Hairston

I really feel grateful for the training and support that Vemma Team Alpha has given me when I build my business, which allowed me to sponsor a new member from US, and also helped me improve his health through Vemma. If I had given up then, I wouldn't be able to introduce Vemma to Jeffrey and make his life better.

I believe that Vemma is really a real business to build, and as long as you didn't quit, you never fail. If you find yourself struggling, don't worry. I have struggled before but I preserved and never gave up on myself. If I can do it, I think you can do better.

Let us work hard and strive towards our success!

Yours Sincerely,


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