Friday, July 30, 2010

Vemma Compensation Plan – Bonuses

One of the most common question I get is about Vemma Compensation Plan. What kind of bonuses they have and of course most important, how to earn the bonuses. We actually really like to share with you all the details, but due to some limitation to share online, what I can do is to let you have a general understanding about the basic bonuses.

For the compensation plan:
Philippines and Indonesia = same
Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan = same
Whole Europe = same

Vemma has 8 bonuses below:
1) Fast Start Bonus
2) Cycle Bonus
3) Instant Sponsor Bonus
4) Team Building Bonus
5) Consistency Bonus
6) Matching Bonuses
7) Global Bonus Pools
8 ) One Time Rank Advancement Rewards

Due to different countries different plan, I just share on the basic bonuses – Fast Start Bonus and Cycle Bonus. For accuracy, please check with your team leader.

Fast Start Bonus
This is the bonus you will get when you personally enroll a new member to your team. The bonus you get will based on the vemma pack they sign up.
If your new member sign up with:
1 pack – Fast start bonus = U$10
6 pack (Silver) – Fast start bonus = U$120
15 pack (Ultimate) – Fast start bonus = U$250

Cycle Bonus
1 cycle pays about U$25
**Asia members get additional 30% of cycle value = S$45 / RM130 per cycle
To qualify for cycle bonus, you must active and personally enroll 1 left and 1 right active member

For 1 cycle:
Left 360 CV / Right 180 CV = 1 cycle
Left 180 CV / Right 360 CV = 1 cycle
**CV = Commissionable Volume

There are other Bonuses you can earn from Vemma Business. See them!
Vemma Leaders

I’m sure you have your own planning on how much you want to earn from Vemma business and I suggest you discuss with your leader. Set a goal and Just Go Do It!

“Big goals get big results. No goals gets no results or somebody else’s results.” —Mark Victor Hansen

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